About me

The Conscious Sewist is owned by Charlie. Hello, Charlie.

Charlie doesn’t believe in single-use household cloths, wipes and bags. Oh, no.

Instead, Charlie absolutely believes in reusable items, sustainable fabrics and lessening our impact on the planet. Hoorah.

The Conscious Sewist is home to those reusables. Charlie hand stitches and sews a range of textiles goods to use, and reuse, all around the house. Her Unpaper Towels, Reusable Wipes, Makeup Pads, Hankies, Bread Bags and Shoppers are a firm favourite among her loyal customer following, who adore her attention to detail and eye for a beautiful colour palette.

But how did this start?

A lifetime’s obsession with gorgeous fabric, beautiful design, and eco-living, has meant a natural progression to share that combined love with others for Charlie. 

When pregnant with her first baby, the sheer volume of chemicals, unnatural materials, and waste shocked poor Charlie to her very core. She just couldn’t imagine surrounding her imminent arrival with cloths, wipes and blankets produced with man-made fibres and toxins. 

Ever the industrious one, Charlie dusted off her sewing machine, settled into her happy place (in front of said sewing machine) and began stitching reusable burp cloths. 

Thankfully for Charlie, having a newborn isn’t synonymous with extended hours of sleep! After producing a growing range of reusables for a local zero waste shop, Refill Revolution, Charlie saw the need for a number of everyday reusable fabric products, too.

Charlie has never seen the logic in disposable products. Years before it was ‘a thing’, she opted for eco & sustainable choices wherever possible, single-use was never her bag. She was the proud owner of a hankie when only the Nana’s thought it was cool.

Materials matter.

Combining a past career in footwear and a lifetime of respecting nature, Charlie inherently understands the need for sustainable fabrics to lessen our impact on the planet. 

Steering away from cotton, over time, Charlie has progressively moved towards hemp and linen, as well as utilising fabric deadstocks for her designs. 

She meticulously ensures each element of her products follows this ethos, right down to the smallest detail. From the thread used for stitching to the packaging for posted orders; Charlie spends hours researching, ensuring every detail is the most sustainably sourced, biodegradable and low-waste option available. She’s a gem.

Creating magic.

Based in her garden studio at home in Market Harborough, Leicestershire, Charlie creates eco magic from within her bespoke little workshop. She may, or may not, have slowly taken over this space from her husband. Creeping in inch by inch, fabric stash by fabric stash, until he could bear the sound of the overlocker no more, and had to rent an office in town to work from instead. Poor guy. 

But her little haven away from two noisy boys, a husband, and a dog, Charlie sets about creating her range entirely from scratch, inspired by the bits of design and sassy quotes she has taped to the wall. (With paper tape, of course, we’re all eco round this way).

About Charlie.

When she’s not chasing around after a houseful of boys, Charlie can be found drinking coffee, eating cake, and singing Moana songs. She has no middle name and three tattoos, including a secret one. If you can guess what it is you win a free scrunchie.*


*Not true.